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Comprehensive Professional Development Solutions

Exploring How We Read, Write, and Participate

Solutions for the Connected Learner

As an international expert on literacy and technology I help educators in areas ranging from the foundations of language to cutting edge new literacies.

From my sought after keynotes, program evalautions, and hands on workshops I have the tools you need.

My Services

I promise to design your professional development plan with you so we can work together to facilitate teacher growth.

Leadership Training

I work with numerous non-profits and community organizations.

  • Recruitment
  • Goal Setting
  • Staff Development
  • Social Media Outreach


Increasing literacy achievement brightens futures.

  • Academic Vocabulary
  • Adolescent Literacy
  • Early Childhood Literacy
  • Questioning in the Classroom
  • Improving Read-Alouds
  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Phonics
  • Argumentative Writing
  • Creative Drama
  • Literacy Centers


The web has fundamentally shifted our literacy practices.

  • Digital Literacies
  • Badges and Credentials
  • Google Suite
  • Creating Future Ready Schools
  • Online Reading Comprehension
  • Harnessing Screencasting
  • Delivering Formative Feedback
  • Flipping the Classroom
  • 1:1 Roll Outs
  • Chromebooks in the Classroom

Program Review

An outside evaluator often provides key insight into growth.

  • Grant Evaluation
  • Curriculum Reviews
  • Talent Development
  • Evaluator Validation
  • Teacher Evaluation Training
  • Program Reviews
  • SWOT Analysis

Embedded Professional Development

Teachers must find meaning in purpose in professional development. Otherwise schools waste time and treasure.

From sought after keynotes, program evalautions, and hands on workshops I have the tools you need.

  • Hands On Wokshops
  • Online Classes
  • Learner Driven Results
  • Inspiring Keynote


Over the past ten years I have collaborated with many insitutions across the globe.


Boston Public Schools

iPad Roll-Out Pilot


Mass. DESE

New Literacies Institute


CT Technical Highj School System

Library Media Curriculum, e-Portfolio


Northwest Catholic High School

1:1 iPad Roll Out


Manhattan Charter Schools

Comprehensive Literacy Program Review


ReVISION Learning Partnership

Web Developer, Evaluator Training


San Diego State University

Keynote, Multimodal Writing


New Haven Public Schools

Website Credibility


CT Educators Computer Association

New Literacies


Keystone State Reading Association

Argumentative Writing


Scranton Public Schools

Common Core and the Curriculum


Marywood University

New Literacies Grant


Branford Public Schools

Foundational Literacy on the iPad


Connecticut Association of Schools

New Leader Mentoring


King School
Stamford, CT

Literacy Curriculum Development


Westport Public Schools

Evaluating Websites


CT Association of School Librarians

Website Evaluation


Regional School District 14



Keynote Speaker

Inspiring Audiences Across the Globe

Conference Organizer

Creating High Quality Development

Hyrbid Instruction

Meeting Needs of Talented Teachers